The Journey

Much has changed since I last posted on this blog.

My children have grown and blossomed.

My dance classes have grown into a being a member of a well known troupe.

I've moved twice.

And I've met and begun a relationship with the love of my existence.

Meet Joe.


Girly Parts

Ashlyn graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. She's growing up so fast, it's scary.

Case in point:

On the way home after work, we stopped by Taco Bell to pick up dinner. I handed Ashlyn her drink and it kinda slipped through her fingers and landed on her lap (upright, thankfully).

All of a sudden she yelps in her feminine little voice:

"Ow! That hit me in the NUTS!"


I'm Sari

My dance troupe did a "Bollywood" number in Norfolk VA last week and we all wore saris. They are beautiful, but having yards and yards of material wrapped around you while you dance is HOT - and not in a good way.


Pearls Before Breakfast

The Washington Post conducted an experiment in DC lately - they asked the best violinist in the world to play his Stradivarius at a metro station like any other street performer.

The post wanted to see if people in the midst of their everyday routine would stop and listen to the beautiful music, or ignore it and go on with their busy lives.

The results are interesting.

Read about it here.


It's the Fuzz!

After being a good girl and not having been pulled over in over 3 years, I have been pulled over twice in two days.


My theory is this: with the blossoming of spring, all fuzzy animals are coming out of hibernation, including the fuzz of the blue uniform variety.


Dancing Queen

I performed at the Taste of Morocco restaurant yesterday with my troupe.

A fellow dancer took this picture of me mid-turn... I look like a helicopter getting ready to take off.